How It All Began – From Old England To New England

family by river

I’ve always envied those people who breezily seek out new adventures, settling down in different corners of the world.

My Facebook page was full of them; beautiful, bronzed, smiling happy families lounging poolside in sun-soaked destinations, which included Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, Barbados.

Ever since spending a year travelling South East Asia and Australia in my late 20s, I hadn’t quite got the wanderlust out of my system.

And then – whoosh – there I was attending the five-month second scan, at a London hospital, of my second (as yet unborn) child with my mother, instead of my husband, beside me.

Because my husband… well he was the other side of the big blue pond, undergoing a series of interviews that, if went well, would change the view from our kitchen sink dramatically.

‘Did I want to know the gender?’ the sonographer enquired.

Well yes, but I didn’t want my hubby to miss this moment either.

So I took home an envelope and waited till he got back to open. (Disclaimer: the wait was less than 24hours… Anything more would have broken me.)

Turned out the baby was a girl; and Greg smashed the interview.

In the months that followed; our darling baby was born, I learned to drive (at the grand old age of 38), visas were obtained and our London pad sold.

While the paperwork got slowly sorted, the emotional upheaval that would result from a such a move was far higher stakes.

Our son was still undergoing speech therapy (a whole new blog awaits!) but his academic progress had been phenomenal so we knew now was a good a time as any to make a move – even though we were loathe to move him from his much-loved primary school.

But with a newborn now taking up valuable space in the apartment, a big move out of the city was on the cards anyway. London house prices, anyone??

There were other anxieties: my mother was diagnosed with secondary cancer – a bowel cancer tumor was now growing on her lung. But the wheels were in motion and this was one juggernaut we couldn’t get off.

Despite our worries, a move across the pond was a no-brainer. A well-paid job and more space and bedrooms than we could dream of.

Decision made. We were on our way to the Ocean State. Now to find a home.

(Reader, my mother is doing well as we could hope for.)


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  1. I never had the wanderlust that everyone talks about. I thought I’d stay in Hove forever, but sometimes life offers you something you didn’t know you needed 😉. Great blog, loving it x


    1. lovefromri says:

      Thanks, darling. Doesn’t matter how one travels – the fact you were brave enough to try moving to a new country is EVERYTHING. So glad you are loving your new life. We will have to make our way to the OC to see you. xx


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