Why East Greenwich?

Goddard State ParkOf course we’d already done some research so we had a fair idea of which areas we wanted to concentrate on; North Kingstown, East Greenwich, East Providence to name a few. But photos, aerial shots, blogs and property websites can’t quite depict the reality of a place.

We flew into Boston airport on a balmy May evening in 2015 ready for our two-week relocation tour.

We were lucky. We had a couple of fantastic relocation experts show us all the best RI had to offer.

And Sasha from Residential Properties took on the unenviable task of finding us a property within the two weeks allocated.

RI may be America’s smallest state but it didn’t make the task any less daunting. And as we drove around the entire state in all its glorious sunshine it became clear East Greenwich was going to be the place for us.

With an amazing school system, a gorgeous historical main shopping street and plenty of restaurants we knew we could make the change from city to the suburbs.

The State capitol, and our nearest city, Providence, is only a 20min drive from EG. Boston is just an hour and a half by car and NYC is three hours away. Big city life is on our doorstop for those homesick moments. Brits heading to this area might be comforted to know that Boston has a Wagamamas and Pret a Manger (the latter being one of the few places you can get a decent cup of cha this side of the pond.

Besides, RI is bordered by Massachusetts and Connecticut so we were hardly going to be bored.

So, there we were, nearing the end of a two-week with our hearts now set on re-locating to EG – yet we hadn’t found a home. The morning we were due to fly back, Residential called; they had the perfect house.

Really? What were the chances? Yet we had to take this opportunity. One last viewing before we boarded the plane.

And then we found it. Our dream home. It ticked ALL the boxes. AND it was less than a 10-minute walk from the local elementary school. AND with shops – including a coffee house, liquor store and a couple of very decent restaurants – all just a short stroll away too.

In a country where driving is the norm; it is a massive bonus to have the option of eating out without the argument of who’s driving. (Certainly not me if I can help it). And thanks to Uber – taxis in and out of Main St are utterly affordable. Now, who’s for that nightcap?

We’d done it. In the space of two weeks we’d swapped our hallowed bit of ‘sarf’ London concrete jungle for nearly a New England colonial situated in an acre of lush woodland.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jenny says:


    And I had no idea there was a Wagamamas in Boston!!! Woohooo! Thanks for the tip 🙂


    1. lovefromri says:

      I went to the Feneuil Hall one – yum! Now, if only we could get a Wagas in RI…


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