Christmas Berry Wreath

xmas wreath

Americans love their door wreaths. So do Brits. But while us Brits get all excited about a Christmas wreath adorning their front door. You guys this side of the pond love a wreath for each season. And I am totally down with that – it’s so cute! But as a relatively new home owner in the States (around two and half years), it takes time and a few $$$ to accumulate decorations for each season.

This will be my third Christmas Stateside. Our first Christmas here meant we had to buy all our tree and outdoor lights from scratch, as English fittings and American fittings are like round pegs/square holes. And we had to invest in a zillion new baubles for the supersized Christmas tree we could now fit into our supersized living room too. As our second Christmas here approached, I just had to buy individual candles for every single front window. You see where I’m going with this? There was just never the extra funds to buy what I really wanted. And what I really coveted from my very first Christmas here was a shiny bright red berry wreath.

I’d stumbled across some beautiful, rather expensive, ones. And I kept thinking that somewhere around the hundred dollar mark was an awful lot to spend on one decoration…even if it was re-usable; year after year.

Then, this year, I spied the berry wreath of my dreams at Target. And it was affordable! At just $19.95, I finally got the wreath I had been dreaming of. Plus, it meant I was able to indulge in a few fancy decorations for the tree this year too.

Artificial Twig Berry Wreath Red 20″ – Lloyd $ Hannah, available at Target Online

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