The Cutest Christmas Tree Decorations

I’ll admit it, I’ve been a bit of a Lauren Conrad fan since The Hills. The clothes, the hair, the lifestyle. So when I moved to the States and discovered LC has a clothing and décor line at Kohl’s, I was there faster than you could whisper Spiedi.

LC’s current collection includes these gorgeous Christmas Tree decorations. My three-year-old daughter is obsessed with the fluffy swans. And seeing as I got engaged to my husband in Paris, you don’t need to guess why the huge sparkler and Eiffel Tower ornaments get my vote.

You’ll need to move quickly to grab these. I bought these just a few days ago at my local Kohl’s (110 Gate Road, North Kingstown, RI). The three featured here aren’t available online anymore – but with a bit of luck should still be in store.

And the best bit is that they’re currently half-price!

Original prices are as follows; the swan – $11.99, the ring – $9.99 and the Eiffel Tower, $9.99.

What are you waiting for? Run for the hills (The Hills, geddit?)

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