Vodka Caipirinha

caiprinha trolley

One of my favorite cocktails. The first time I had a Caipirinha was in an intimate Latino bar in Camden, London, called Made In Brazil, just around the corner from the magazine office where I worked. This was such a fun place for after-work drinks and their Caipirinha became my go-to drink. Traditionally made with Cachaça (a Brazilian rum), a Caipirinha makes a lovely change from a Mojito or Margarita and requires just three ingredients.

I started making mine with Vodka as I once  saw a bar in Mexico do it this. And besides, who doesn’t always have vodka amongst their spirits collection? I know I always do!

Recipe (serves 1)

1/2 lime – cut into four

Vodka – 1 jigger or 1.5 ounces

Sugar – 1 heaped teaspoon


Place the lime into cocktail shaker with the sugar and mash it with a muddler for around 30 seconds.

Add a handful of ice cubes and the vodka. Put the lid of the cocktail shaker on and shake vigorously.

Pour all the ingredients, including the ice, into a glass.


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  1. lovefromri says:

    caster sugar (UK) which I think is called Superfine here.

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  2. lovefromri says:

    ps Good Q – I will update this on the recipe! Keep ’em coming. x

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